The Main AOE Class in Scarlet Blade™


The Whipper

Field Notes The Whipper specializes in fighting multiple opponents at once. In combat she is a whirling cyclone of death and destruction, using her augmented reflexes to strike any and all available targets with every attack. Her ability to damage and disable any targets within range means she is most effective against a crowd, often keeping swarms of enemies at bay while her allies eliminate more strategically important foes.[1]

Serial Number: 691222884X

Archetype: Whipper

Base Clone DNA: South American

Height: 5'6"

Bust: 32DD

Waist: 21

Hips: 34

Whipper 2

The Whipper is an AOE type Class in Scarlet Blade™

The Pros and Cons Edit

Pros: AoE specialist.

Second highest Melee damage.

High HP

Can pull enemies.

Melee with ranged reach.

Cons:Low skill variety

Psych Profile More than any of the other Arkana, the Whipper was designed to relish in combat. A mix of neurological alteration and chemical reinforcement has led them to literally derive pleasure from the act of fighting. They will rush headlong into battle, against overwhelming odds, heedless of the risks to themselves or their allies. But while this enthusiasm does lead to a more effective soldier, it also carries potential risks; more than one Whipper has been lost by refusing to retreat, choosing instead to kill as many foes as possible before they’re overwhelmed.

Class Mech Though the Whipper is already deadly in a melee, the Athena Mech amplifies her strengths tenfold. Its elongated, serpentine arms grant unmatched range of motion, and the Athena’s energy lash demolishes anything in its path. Based off Narak technology, this fearsome weapon allows the Whipper to stun, burn, or immobilize anyone foolish enough stand against her.

Whipper Mech

The Whipper's main mech is the Athena Mech.

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